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Search Engine Optimization

Even with a well designed and beautiful website, you may not be seeing any traction because you do not have any SEO, or search engine optimization, built into your pages. If you have noticed that your website does not show up organically in searches on search engine or that you are having to pay advertising money to get to the top of the page, then it is time to work on your SEO.

Organic search engine optimization is the goal of many people with websites because it is the thing that is most effective in increasing their search engine rank. As search engines become more sophisticated, websites are not getting traction for stuffing keywords into their copy. There is much more to SEO now, such as link relevancy, and it is a big deal. People are more likely to click on a website on a search engine result page that is there organically than if it is a paid advertisement.

SEO is very important but it can be tricky. What it really comes down to are backlinks throughout your website. These backlinks must be strategic in order to be the most effective. It can help you create more trustworthiness in your brand if it is done the right way but it can completely shatter any trust if it is not executed correctly. In addition to backlinks, a strategy for content is also important so you can create posts that are relevant to your site.

We can help you create the right strategy as well as implement an effective linking strategy for your website. Contact us for more information and to get started.